1. -our sister page, home for In-Class training & Online Training outside of Colorado


  1. -our sister page, home for Colorado’s ONLY Attorney General approved Fake I.D. Training via Peace Officer Standards of Training (P.O.S.T.).  Anyone welcome.  Best for Liquor Licenses, Retail & Medical Marijuana, Police Officers & Security, & Financial Institutions

  1. * Responsible Hospitality Group (RHG) Boulder

  2. -a cooperative effort between bar/restaurant owners, community and government members to self regulate and re-invent the Hospitality community.  Fantastic resources & member benefits.

  1. * Colorado Department of Revenue - Liquor Division

  2. -anything related to your liquor license

Colorado Liquor Rules, 1 C.C.R. 203-2

  1. -a listing of all Colorado Liquor laws and regulations

Colorado Revised Code

  1. -a listing of all Colorado laws and regulations

City of Boulder, Beverage Licensine Authority

  1. -City of Boulder’s site for all things related to your liquor license.  Forms, laws, schedules, etc.

  1. * University of Colorado Restorative Justice Program (CURJ)

  2. -a program designed to give students with alcohol related tickets (Minor In Possession, Fake ID, etc.) a chance to clear their record via a forum of student offenders, victims, and affected community members to come together to identify the harms that were caused by a student’s actions and determine the best method for repairing those harms.

  1. *Self Solutions, LLC

  2. -all of your food safety training needs with Trainer Joe Self.

  1. *The Guest Check

  2. -Guest Check specializes in helping hospitality industry businesses to measure & maintain the quality of effectiveness of guest services and physical property management.

  1. *SAMHSA’s National Registry of Evidence-based Programs & Practices

  2. -The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s review of the TIPS Program as a highly effective tool for the University environment & responsible alcohol service.

  1. *Fake ID

  2. -Incredible resource page for Fake ID’s from state to state.  The only Fake ID training certified by the California Commission on Peace Officer Stanards & Training

  1. * (TIPS) Training for Intervention Procedures Homepage

    - the TIPS Program’s homepage