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Certified TIPS Master Trainer: Jon Balliet

Jon has over 19 years experience in the service and retail liquor industry & has trained over 28,000 individuals nationwide. Master Trainer status allows Jon to not only teach TIPS, but to also Train the Trainers to teach the program.

His personal philosophy is to teach the TIPS program from the server's perspective, focusing on how to protect yourself & your liquor licenseExtensive Benefits are offered to clients including FREE Consulting, FREE Professional Testimony, & FREE Call Support with any issues related to your liquor license.  Jon has vast experience & proven Case Studies of violation mitigation and significant penalty reductions. His clients currently have a 99.98% pass rate in “Stings”. Please see his customer Testimonials page. Great references on request!

Jon Balliet is not only a Master Trainer for the TIPS program but an advocate for servers and server rights. His In-Class Training is based out of Denver/Boulder, Colorado but are available nationwide. All electronic classes offered through this site are provided by the TIPS Program and Health Communications International (HCI).

This Website is an authorized re-seller of the TIPS Program and is maintained and run by Certified TIPS Master Trainer, Jon Balliet.

My Training Focus:

Protect Yourself,

Protect Your Liquor License


    What are you really responsible for in terms of selling and serving alcohol? What does the law expect of you?  What are Reasonable Efforts and how & when do we employ them?  How & why do we document incidents?


   Proper procedure for checking ID’s to confirm the important, key pieces of information, regardless of origin of issue, orientation, or format. Detailed discussion of Vertical, Temporary, Fake / Fraudulent / I.P.O., Confiscation, & Effective Policies & Customer Service techniques.



    Specifics on how to beat them & how they work.  The different types of compliance checks.  Legality, tactics, & operatives used by both the Colorado Department of Revenue Agents AND your local Law Enforcement. Understanding of the difference between beating a sting & not serving minors.


Contact Jon:   JB@TIPSCOLORADO.COM   OR    303-210-1351